Education is the process of facilitating and imparting the best form of study, be it formal or informal. It is considered as one of the strongest pillars of democracy. Be it rural or urban, education is a must in order to develop the world for a better place to live in. It teaches skills, values, beliefs and habits.

Some governments and even the United Nations have made Right to Education a compulsory practice up to a certain age. The method of teaching is known as pedagogy. And with the help of this teaching, it is possible to create a developed world where youths would hold a stand to make a bright future.

Education can be imparted in a number of ways. There are institutes who specialize in providing the best educational techniques to different groups of students. The following section deals with the types of courses available to students who wish to take a formal course on teaching.

Teachers Training Course (TTC)

Teacher Training Course (TTC) is an undergraduate program for 2 years. Students aspiring to be teachers in the future can opt for this course as it will enable them to be skilled in the art of teaching.

Diploma in Education (D.Ed)

Diploma in Education (D.Ed) is a Diploma level Education programme that makes the candidate eligible to become nursery school teachers. It means that it would cater to elementary level education in India. Aspiring students who want their career in the field of teaching should apply for this course.

Diploma in Physical Education (D.P.Ed)

Diploma in Physical Education is an undergraduate diploma course that includes topics like coaching and training, physical fitness, outdoor activities, and adventure. In this course, students learn about different types of adventure.

UG Courses:
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Bachelor of Education or simply B.Ed. is a 2-year Bachelor's degree course. The prime aim of this course is to train students to become teachers. The candidates should have a Bachelor's degree from a recognized institute to get enrolled in this course. The course curriculum includes both core courses and pedagogy courses.

Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed)

B.P.Ed (Bachelor of Physical Education) is an undergraduate degree course which is the right pick for students having a deep interest in sports and related activities. The course is typical of three to four years duration. This course can be pursued as a full-time or part-time course. This course gives a number of job opportunities and a variety of career options

PG Courses:
Masters of Education (M.Ed)

A Master's Degree in Education (M.Ed) is a postgraduate course for candidates who want to opt for their career in teaching or already is in the field. One can also start their career as an administrator after fulfilling the eligibility criteria and increasing the level of education.

Masters of Physical Education (M.P.Ed)

M.P.Ed (Master of Physical Education) is a 2-year duration postgraduate course which basically covers the areas such as sports-related activities and deals with subjects such as sports science, sports medicine, exercise physiology, etc. For admission, the candidates shall be evaluated by an entrance test which will be followed by a physical test.

Eligibility Criteria:
Courses Eligibility Criteria
Teachers Training Course (TTC) Passing 10+2 from a recognized board with 45% aggregate marks
Diploma in Education (D.Ed) Passing 10+2 in Arts/Science from a recognized board with 55% marks
Diploma in Physical Education (D.P.Ed) Passing 10+2 from a recognized board with 50% aggregate marks
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Passing 10+2 either in aRTS/Science/Commerce from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks
Bachelor in Physical Education (B.P.Ed) Passing 10+2 in Arts/Science from a recognized board with 50% marks
Master in Education (M.Ed) Passing B.Ed from a recognized university with 50% aggregate marks
Master in Physical Education (M.P.Ed) Passing B.P.Ed from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks


Top Education Colleges in Karnataka

Teaching and training students as a profession is a noble task. Therefore, many students aspire to enter the teaching field. Studying in one of the top B.Ed colleges in Bangalore gives the necessary skills to the students. It enables them to teach and guide the next generation in an efficient and innovative manner.

Bangalore is known for housing some of the top B.Ed colleges in India. These colleges follow advanced theoretical and practical curriculum. The syllabus includes topics like Childhood and Growing Up, ICT and Pedagogy, Knowledge and Curriculum, Learning and Teaching, Assessment for Learning, etc.

With the evolving education system in India, the B.Ed colleges in Karnataka have also evolved. Students of B.Ed learn skills like Introduction, Probing Questions, Explanation, Stimulus Variation, Achieving Closure, etc., while teaching in a classroom. It ensures that the purpose of teaching is achieved effectively. Any university that instills the core values and skills of teaching into the students and trains them through practice is considered the best B.Ed university in India.

If a student desires to join any one of the best education institutes in Bangalore, then they can approach our Expert Counsellors and get help with the college search and application process. It will ensure that the students find the right college that would enable them to pursue their dream career.

Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) English, History and Civics
Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Kannada, History and Civics
Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Physics and Mathematics
Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Biological Sciences and Chemistry
Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) English, Kannada and Geography
Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Geography, History and Civics
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed)
Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed)
Master of Education (M.Ed)
Post Graduate Diploma in International Education (PGDIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB)
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) Education
Post Graduate Diploma International Education (P.G.D.I.E.)
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Education
Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EI Ed)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Education
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Physical Education
Doctorate of Philosophy(Ph.D)Cellular Physiology

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